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defaultAuthCallback?: ((authSigParams: AuthCallbackParams) => Promise<AuthSig>)

Type declaration


  • Check if a session key needs to be resigned. These are the scenarios where a session key needs to be resigned:

    1. The authSig.sig does not verify successfully against the authSig.signedMessage
    2. The authSig.signedMessage.uri does not match the sessionKeyUri
    3. The authSig.signedMessage does not contain at least one session capability object


    Returns Promise<boolean>

  • we need to send jwt params iat (issued at) and exp (expiration) because the nodes may have different wall clock times, the nodes will verify that these params are withing a grace period

    Returns {
        exp: any;
        iat: any;

    • exp: any
    • iat: any
  • Associated access control conditions with a resource on the web. After calling this function, users may use the getSignedToken function to request a signed JWT from the LIT network. This JWT proves that the user meets the access control conditions, and is authorized to access the resource you specified in the resourceId parameter of the saveSigningCondition function.



    Returns Promise<boolean>

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