Interface GetSessionSigsProps


  • GetSessionSigsProps


authNeededCallback?: AuthCallback
chain: string
expiration?: any
resourceAbilityRequests: LitResourceAbilityRequest[]

An array of resource abilities that you want to request for this session. These will be signed with the session key.


If you want to request the ability to decrypt an access control condition, then you would pass
[{ resource: new LitAccessControlConditionResource('someResource), ability: LitAbility.AccessControlConditionDecryption }]
sessionCapabilityObject?: ISessionCapabilityObject

The session capability object that you want to request for this session. If you pass nothing, then this will default to a wildcard for each type of resource you're accessing.


If you passed nothing, and you're requesting to perform a decryption operation for an access
control condition, then the session capability object will be a wildcard for the access control condition,
which grants this session signature the ability to decrypt this access control condition.
sessionKey?: any
switchChain?: boolean

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