• // TODO check for expiration

    Verify a JWT from the LIT network. Use this for auth on your server. For some background, users can define resources (URLs) for authorization via on-chain conditions using the saveSigningCondition function. Other users can then request a signed JWT proving that their ETH account meets those on-chain conditions using the getSignedToken function. Then, servers can verify that JWT using this function. A successful verification proves that the user meets the on-chain conditions defined in the saveSigningCondition step. For example, the on-chain condition could be posession of a specific NFT.


    An object with 4 keys: "verified": A boolean that represents whether or not the token verifies successfully. A true result indicates that the token was successfully verified. "header": the JWT header. "payload": the JWT payload which includes the resource being authorized, etc. "signature": A uint8array that represents the raw signature of the JWT.


    Returns IJWT

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